Onihaxy media scripts

Merging and Recommitments

When you Join, you will need to donate a certain amount either ₦5,000, ₦10,000, ₦20,000, ₦50,000 , ₦100,000 or ₦200,000 to a fellow member assigned by the system to pay you. The member will then confirm your donation and then the system will automatically assign you to other registered people , who will also pay you some certain amount , into your bank account, making Investment+40% Bonus ROI (i.e. 40% of ₦5,000 is ₦7000, 40% of ₦10,000 is ₦14000 and 40% of ₦100000 is ₦140000). when you recieve your Donations tou have to Recommit to become the Boss and Claim it.

you recieve your 40%+Investement of your Investement when you Donate to People!

Downtime Payment

On Onihaxy Media Scripts, You will be required to make a downtime payment which is 20% of your PH immediately after signing up. The system the merge you to pay the Remaining 80% after some specific period. please your coperation is needed to keep the community growing. Onihaxy Media Script is a community where members help each other grow their money by 40% e. There is no central account where members money flow into. All transactions move from one member to another member. Hence, it save to say that the Onihaxy media platform belongs to the every member of this online community. thanks


We believe that the ability to live the routine you wish without having to work or rely on anyone else for cash.


To provide the system and support needed to enable our members achieve our vision.


The well being of the populace are our long-term lead. The commitment of our members sets us stand out from the crowd, while we develop people for the enduring liability in a real-time process.


At ., the system merge you Automatically to your uplines while a downline will also be automatically merge to pay you. this system has an Auto recommitment / Auto recycle feature so you are Safe.

See What Our Members Are Saying about us?

What a great platform, I haven't seen such a platform before, I Pledge every week, I got paid every week, I'm happy with this platform and am happy to advice people out there to join the platform, get paid every week

I am madam B, I live in Abuja, I just Joined Onihaxy media scripts a week today,and I have been paid twice. I am very happy to belong to Onihaxy media scripts.longlive Onihaxy media

My name is Musa Mohammed, a participant based in Abuja, I registered for this wonderful community last week Monday and I am proud to say I have received payment twice already . It is real and it is here to stay. Long live Onihaxy media

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